• Lobby widely for other emissions reduction measures by central government and local government
  • Monitor and promote local government initiatives to rapidly reduce emissions at www.sustainablecities.org.nz
  • Join a group—us (OraTaiao: NZ Climate and Health) or other climate action group

  • Educate and encourage patients and colleagues in climate change action
  • Offset your carbon emissions - go to www.forestsforhealthnz.org - here you can offset your emissions due to air travel, road travel and annual electricity usage. Native trees will be planted in a community site in northern Wellington - a collaborative project with several community groups. We encourage you to request your employer to act responsibly and consider carbon-offset costs as part of any healthcare-related business travel. The cost is minimal compared to the other travel costs. We also encourage you to offset the personal travel of yourself and your family.
  • Write letters for eligible patients to get subsidised home insulation www.energywise.govt.nz/funding-available/insulation-and-clean-heating
  • Make Green Prescriptions (www.greenprescription.org.nz) truly green—advise the health AND climate benefits of increasing transport-related physical activity and eating less meat
  • Reduce your workplace footprint—see www.1010uk.org/business
  • Green your practice—use the NZ-specific 'Toolkit for Greening Your Practice' by Drs Rebecca Randerson and Rochelle Phipps, to help individual medical centres and others make environmentally responsible changes day-to-day that are easy and cost-effective. Alternatively you can contact greeningyourpractice@gmail.com to receive a copy (emailed pdf or posted disc or hard copy).


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Climate Change and the Challenge of Science Communication

Online webinar, 13 August 2010

OraTaiao co-hosted this free online interactive webinar by Michael Tobis PhD, University of Texas Institute for Geophysics and author of the blog 'Only in It for the Gold'

Click here for an audio recording of the session (note you will have to log in as 'guest' and it can take a little while to load the recorded session).