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NEWS: 16 September 2014
Ten New Zealand health organisations have released a joint ‘Call to Action on Climate Change and Health' today. The ten organisations, including national professional bodies for doctors, nurses, midwives and medical students, say they recognise climate change as an increasingly serious and urgent threat to health and fairness in New Zealand and worldwide. In contrast, they point to specific policy responses that provide exciting opportunities to improve health and create a fairer society.

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NEWS: OraTaiao, in collaboration with the Sustainable Business Network's Carbon4Good Programme, introduces its
carbon-offset forest planting for the health profession - see www.forestsforhealthnz.org

About us

OraTaiao: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council comprises senior doctors and other health professionals in Aotearoa/New Zealand concerned about the effects of climate change on population health.
We are part of a worldwide movement of health professional authorities urgently focusing on the health challenges and opportunities of climate change.

The name ‘OraTaiao' connects the Māori concepts ‘Ora' and ‘Taiao'. ‘Ora' means to be alive, well, safe, cured, recovered, healthy. ‘Taiao' can be translated as world, Earth, environment, nature, country.
We emphasise science and evidence-based policies for health, equity and community resilience.

The Council is a not-for-profit, politically non-partisan incorporated society, with a growing membership and support across the New Zealand health sector.

More about the Council can be found in our Policy Statement and in our Constitution (click on the .pdf icons below).

The Council has also co-signed the Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Wellbeing of December 2012 (http://dohadeclaration.weebly.com/), which reflects an international perspective.

OraTaiao's members can be anyone who subscribes to the principles of the Council and who holds positions or qualifications in medicine, public health, nursing and other health disciplines.

We also have student members (students in the above professions who support the principles of The Council) and associate members (anyone who supports The Council's principles).
OraTaiao has a Partner Association with Medical Students for Global Awareness (MSGA) and is signatory to the Climate and Health Council pledge (www.climateandhealth.org).

We invite doctors, other health professionals, students and others to join us.

Key documents

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