Award: Leadership in Environmental Sustainability by a Health Sector Organisation

OraTaiao is excited to be sponsoring a new award entitled 'Leadership in Environmental Sustainability by a Health Sector Organisation' - following the lead of the UK NHS (and other health systems) that recognise the key role that the health sector has to play in carbon reduction and sustainability.
The 2014 award went to Waitemata District Health Board, and was presented at the Population Health Congress dinner in Auckland on the 7th October 2014.

Sustainable Healthcare Resources

UK National Health System (NHS) Sustainable Development Unit. An organisation that provides tools, policy and research to help the NHS in England move toward sustainable, low carbon healthcare.

Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Planet, Healthy People. A World Health Organisation publication that identifies seven aspects of a climate-friendly hospital. It also draws on a series of examples from around the world that demonstrate that the health sector is already beginning to provide leadership in this area.

Health Care Without Harm. A prominent organisation in the global movement for environmentally responsible healthcare.

Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (UK). Works to engage health professionals with the connections between health and the environment.

Department of Health, Victoria, Australia. Provides a range of resources to assist health services integrate sustainability within their organisations.

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network. A global network of hospitals, health systems and health organisations dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint.

Sustainable Healthcare Forum. A discussion group involving people in healthcare infrastructure development, led by the New Zealand Green Building Council. Outline the value case for sustainable healthcare infrastructure in NZ.