Submissions to the New Zealand Government, Councils and others, either from OraTaiao itself or in partnership with others:

Submission to Ministry for the Environment on NZ's climate targets/contribution post-2020 (INDC) - June 2015

Submission, Appendix, attachment Bennett et al. NZ Medical Journal 2014
The government's INDC consultation misframes climate action as costly – ignoring greater costs of climate inaction & the real gains to health & economy by taking action now. NZ can gain from being part of the global solution, fairly.
NZ's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) must include health & fairness in the cost&benefit assessments; a global zero carbon target by 2050; ≥40% cuts by 2030 in gross domestic GHG emissions (cf 1990), ≥95% by 2050.

[Submission guide for the NZ post 2020 climate target (INDC) consultation]

Submission on Wellington City's draft Long Term Plan 2015-25
including climate change impacts of air travel

Submission on the Greater Wellington Climate Change Strategy - April 2015

Submission on the Greater Wellington Draft Regional Land Transport Plan (RLT Plan) 2015 - February 2015

Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Health on Climate Change and Health - December 2014

Submission on the Greater Wellington Regional Council Climate Strategy, 2014

Submission to the Ministry of Transport on the Draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2015/16 to 2024/25 - August 2014

Submission on the Draft Wellington Regional Public Transport Plan 2014 - May 2014

Submission to Auckland Council on the Auckland's Energy Resilience and Low Carbon Action Plan - April 2014

Submission on Greater Wellington Council's Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 Public Transport Section - April 2014

Submission on the Wellington Central City Safer Speed Limit - March 2014

Submission to PHARMAC on hospital devices (OraTaiao with the Green Hospitals Group Aotearoa NZ) - November 2013

Submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council on the Public Transport Spine Study - September 2013

Submission to Environmental Protection Authority on the Basin Bridge (Wellington) - September 2013

Submission to the Auckland Council on the Draft Auckland Unitary Plan - May 2013

Submission to Waikato District Council and Waikato Regional Council on Mangatawhiri Coal Mine - March 2013

Submission on Resource Management Act - March 2013

Follow-up letter to an MP on the Emissions Trading Scheme and health effects of climate change and coal – November 2012

Submission on the Crown Minerals (Permitting and Crown Land) Bill – November 2012

Submission on the Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading and Other Matters) Amendment Bill – September 2012

Submission to the Southland Regional Council on the Proposed Southland Regional Policy Statement 2012 July 2012

OraTaiao submission on PHARMAC's Operating Policies and Procedures – June 2012
The case for environmental impacts to be comprehensively and permanently integrated into all PHARMAC's operating policies and procedures.

OraTaiao submission to the Greater Wellington Regional Council on the Draft Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-2015
– May 2012

OraTaiao oral submission to the West Coast Regional Council and Buller District Council on the Mt William North Mining Project – 28 May 2012

OraTaiao submission on “Updating the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: A consultation document” – May 2012

OraTaiao submission on Auckland Transport's Draft Regional Land Transport Programme 2012-­2015 – March 2012
Climate change, rising oil prices, air pollution, congestion and non-communicable diseases mean that transport planning must dedicate more funding to public and active transport, not roading projects.

OraTaiao submission on the Mt William North mining project – March 2012
No new coal, where the export of emissions via coal will impede, not help, global efforts to mitigate climate change.

OraTaiao submission on the CERA Draft Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch 2011 – October
CERA must keep climate change at the forefront of Christchurch's recovery planning.

Letter to the Prime Minister on commitment to addressing climate change and health – October 2011
Climate change needs a whole-of-government approach, given senior ministers' adverse public stances etc.
This letter was misplaced and not read by the addressee.

Open Letter to the Prime Minister on New Zealand's (absent) Low Carbon Development Plan – June 2011
From climate-concerned organisations, OraTaiao included, and prominent individuals on NZ's decision to have no Low Carbon Development Plan, despite agreeing at the UNFCCC meeting in Cancun. The letter was not read by the addressee.

OraTaiao submission on the Review of the Emission Trading Scheme – April 2011

OraTaiao submission on New Zealand's 2050 Emissions Reduction Target – February 2011

Critique of New Zealand's 5th National Communication under the UNFCCC – September 2010
A critique of New Zealand's 5th National Communication (5NC) , on NZ's climate change policies and measures, by non-governmental organisations in the Climate Defence Network of NZ (CDN) with senior academics, meeting with the UNFCCC's International Review Team in August 2010.

The UNFCCC's in-depth review of NZ's 5NC , published in February 2011, considered NZ's response to climate change to be inadequate, with no plan for 2/3rds+ of the emissions required to meet NZ's reduction target for 2020, and had great concern whether NZ would do this on time. Members of the International Review Team, at the August meeting with NGOs, also commented on little Health input in the NZ 5NC.
Read further commentary by the Sustainability Council and in The NZ Herald. Details from the UNFCCC review itself are on its page 35 paragraphs 157-158.

OraTaiao submission on the Draft New Zealand Energy Strategy and the Draft NZ Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy – September 2010

Energy policy decisions now can improve or worsen the unequal spread of health improvements across the population. Cost benefit analysis must move beyond conventional yet incomplete macro-economic e.g. GDP to include short and long-term health and environmental costs and benefits. Government must consider carefully the impact of the draft Energy Strategy on future New Zealand and international greenhouse gas emissions, and the co-benefits to health and society of effective mitigation; decisions on energy on NZ must meet climate change and human wellbeing objectives.

OraTaiao submission on proposed changes to Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act (and consequences for climate change) – May 2010
Climate change must be a key consideration when making all decisions about mining, including no further lignite, petroleum and limestone mining in New Zealand.

Letter from Climate Defence Network (CDN) to the Prime Minister concerned at the outcome of the Copenhagen international climate talks – January 2010
(CDN comprises 18 New Zealand-based organisations working on climate change, including OraTaiao)

Letter from CDN on New Zealand's approach at Copenhagen, urging the Prime Minister to press for change – December 2009

OraTaiao submission on the Emission Trading Scheme – October 2009
Written submission also presented orally to Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee. Further content is on the NZ Medical Journal website

Material by the Climate Defence Network (CDN, is hosted on the OraTaiao website with the permission of CDN. OraTaiao gratefully acknowledges this permission. OraTaiao is a member organisation of CDN.