OraTaiao Press releases

12 October 2015 '16 health professional groups call for healthy climate action in NZ'
Sixteen of NZ's most prestigious health professional organisations are today calling for New Zealand to take urgent action on climate change and health, a critical health issue.
These health groups represent tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, midwives, public health workers, and medical students, as well as all the medical and health sciences staff and students at Auckland and Otago Universities.

8 October 2015 'Our climate, our health: WHO calls for urgent action by NZ health professionals'
Today the World Health Organization is calling for health professionals around the world to push for a strong effective climate agreement at the UN Climate Conference in Paris this December. In the WHO's words, “health professionals have a duty of care to current and future generations”.

8 July 2015 'NZ Climate target shows disdain for people's health'
Yesterday's Government announcement of New Zealand's post-2020 climate target is a shocking failure to act to reduce health damaging greenhouse gas emissions, says OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council.

25 June 2015 'Health professionals say Dutch court ruling on climate change ‘duty of care' relevant to NZ'
In a world first, the Dutch court has ordered the state to reduce its climate-changing emissions by 25% (on 1990 levels) in the next five years, to protect its people from climate change.

23 June 2015 'Climate change could undo 50 years of progress or be a golden opportunity for better health – it's make-or-break time for government'
Media release about the landmark second Lancet Commission report on health and climate change.

27 May 2015 ‘Count human health in your climate calculations', health groups tell Ministers
Joint statement by 7 health groups asking for Health to be counted in flawed consultation about NZ's climate change targets

13 February 2015 Protect our climate and health, not multinational profits
OraTaiao supports The Lancet international call for public release of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiating text, for a health check; "...the TPPA will undermine our ability to protect our climate and the future health of NZers..."

NZ leads Lancet call for TPPA transparency and health check

28 October 2014 Health professionals say TPPA threatens climate and health protection

28 October 2014 Health professionals call on Groser to give trade deal a health check

8 October 2014 Experts highlight stark climate-health risks at NZ population health congress
Climate change and health discussions feature strongly on day three of the NZ Population Health Congress in Auckland.

7 October 2014 Health board wins award for climate and environmental action
Waitemata District Health Board wins award for 'Leadership in Environmental Sustainability by a Health Sector Organisation' at Population Health Congress in Auckland.

26 September 2014 NZ ‘call to action' highlights climate change as mainstream health issue
Joint Call to Action on Climate Change and Health for the incoming government by ten New Zealand health organisations in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

16 September 2014 ‘Call to action on climate change and health' from health organisations
Ten NZ health organisations, including national professional bodies for doctors, nurses, midwives and medical students, release joint ‘Call to Action on Climate Change and Health'.

28 August 2014 World Health Organization holds groundbreaking health and climate conference
World Health Organization (WHO) holding its first conference on climate change and health in Geneva, including New Zealand experts.

26 August 2014 Cross-party consensus on climate change critical says Climate and Health Council
Senior NZ health professionals welcome policy announcements on climate change by major political parties, saying cross-party consensus is critical to address this leading health issue.

13 August 2014 “Will your party hand over our right to make laws to the US?” ask doctors
Call for all political parties to immediately declare their position on the re-drafting of New Zealand's laws under the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, as news emerges that New Zealand laws could be effectively re-written in secret without the public's knowledge.

3 July 2014 No more hesitation, we need climate legislation
OraTaiao supports Generation Zero's new report ‘The Big Ask: One Key Step for Real Climate Action', showing how cross-party climate action in Denmark and the UK is generating real emissions reductions and clean energy independence. NZ can do similar.

22 June 2014 Sign on to Climate Voter for healthy climate action this election
OraTaiao proud to support the Climate Voter movement this election.

20 June 2014 Climate-damaging West Coast coal expansion threatens health
OraTaiao alarmed by Bathurst Resources' announcement that site clearance for coal mining on the Denniston Plateau is to start. Burning of coal poses serious risks to health through climate change.

13 June 2014 Obesity epidemic and climate change: similar problems, similar solutions
OraTaiao welcomes the release of the New Zealand Medical Association's policy briefing on obesity this week, with similarities between obesity and climate change.

9 June 2014 Prevention of fracking harms would be shackled by trade deal
Comment on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and the report by Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) - Drilling for oil and gas in New Zealand: Environmental oversight and regulation. PCE report available at: www.pce.parliament.nz/assets/Uploads/PCE-OilGas-web.pdf

4 June 2014 Midwives call for urgent climate action
300,000 midwives worldwide take the lead of New Zealand midwives with the International Confederation of Midwives' climate impacts position statement

1 June 2014 Doctors call for all political parties to act on climate
Political efforts welcome, including Greens' ‘Climate Protection Plan' making climate change an election issue; ‘make sure the party you vote for is serious about climate change'.

26 May 2014 Doctors issue public health warning on Basin Flyover

22 May 2014 Doctors support healthy and just transition for coal communities
Welcoming the ‘Jobs After Coal' report by Coal Action Network Aotearoa (CANA)

A secretive trade agreement that could seriously harm the health of New Zealanders*
Half-page publication in The Dominion Post of TPPA open letter, by 24 health Leaders

12 May 2014 Negotiations put multinational profits before health, say health professionals
270+ health professionals sign open letter to the Prime Minister that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) threatens health

12 May 2014 Doctors warn TPPA takes away our climate protection tools
Overseas fossil fuel companies could sue NZ Government trying to stop climate change, if that hurts their value or profits

13 March 2014 Doctors Demand Healthy Response to our Changing Climate
OraTaiao supports the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine policy statement on climate change

2 December 2013 Doctors say Wellington transport study needs a health check

16 October 2013 Doctors say weak law leaves door wide open for coal-powered climate change

3 October 2013 Health professionals condemn government bailout of Solid Energy
Recent bailout of Solid Energy counteracts health and social goals and is poor economic management; the world must leave most fossil fuels, coal included, in the ground

13 June 2013 Another step towards a healthier climate

21 May 2013 Health Professionals mobilise to treat climate ill­‐health
OraTaiao, collaborating with the Sustainable Business Network's Carbon4Good Programme, introduces its carbon-offset forest planting for the health profession (www.forestsforhealthnz.org)

23 November 2012 Doctors say green growth the best prescription for climate and health

9 November 2012 NZ doctors say Kyoto cop-out threatens our climate and health

5 November 2012 Doctors respond ‘NZ can't wait for everyone else to act'

3 November 2012 Don't downsize NZ emissions scheme after superstorm Sandy

19 September 2012 Doctors demand ‘Come Clean on Emissions Trading Scheme'

8 September 2012 **Doctors welcome decision on treacherous temperature case**

Justice Geoffrey Venning rejects the New Zealand Climate Science Education Trust's (NZCSET) case against the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

29 August 2012 BERL's healthy Southland vision welcomed by doctors

26 July 2012 Doctors call for investment in real cycling facilities

2 July 2012 Doctors urge Government to catch up to Australia and avoid half measures on climate

28 May 2012 Saying No to coal in Westport would help restore confidence in our international environmental promises and save hundreds of lives, senior doctors argue

3 November 2011 Doctors say NZ fiddles while the world burns

1 September 2011 Government not tackling climate change management says Māori academic

13 December 2010 Cancun a step in the right direction but a missed opportunity to make New Zealanders healthier

6 December 2010 Kiwi ‘can do' at Cancun – opinion-editorial submitted for publication

23 November 2010 Doctors push for strong global climate action at Cancun

8 April 2010 Doctors warn climate change a major risk for children's health

10 December 2009 NZ Doctors say climate change real and demands action

28 November 2009 Climate and health – letter submitted to NZ Listener about the Emissions Trading Scheme

25 November 2009 Doctors support re-think on the Emissions Trading Scheme

23 November 2009 Doctors say Emissions Trading Scheme support will harm Māori

20 November 2009 Doctors say Māori will suffer from emissions trading scheme

17 November 2009 Doctors say emissions trading scheme will hurt our children

30 October 2009 Top doctors say emissions trading scheme changes disastrous for health

9 October 2009 Why New Zealand must rapidly halve its greenhouse emissions