OraTaiao and members in the media

Trade accord carries health warning

The Dominion Post, 13 May 2013 p.A9. Opinion-editorial by surgeon Mr Mark Smith and palliative medicine specialist Dr Anne MacLennan about the TPPA harming NZ health.

Norman on Typhoon Haiyan

The New Zealand Herald, 14 November 2013. Letter from medical oncologist Dr George Laking on links between climate change and Typhoon Haiyan.

Climate and Prosperity

The Southland Times, 26 October 2013. Letter from Dr Rachel Eyre, Dr Russell Tregonning and Liz Springford: Climate risks of 9 million tonnes CO2 averted with Solid Energy's mothballing lignite briquette plant at Mataura.

Mining plan a West Coast disaster

Nelson Mail, 24 May 2013. Opinion-editorial by surgeon Mr Russell Tregonning: A new Denniston coal mine would stop real progress on the West Coast.

The state of NZ in 2100 - climate risk

TVOne Seven Sharp, 7pm 12 March 2013. Includes Prof Alistair Woodward on NZ's climate future.
More at http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/warning-nz-climate-could-become-more-like-aus-5367110

News: Blazing Heat a Billboard for Climate Health Risk

Sky News, Prime TV, NewstalkZB, scoop.co.nz, celsias.co.nz, 10 January 2013.

Letter: Climate change [less fracking and oil, not more]

The New Zealand Herald, 21 December 2012. Response to inconsistencies in a NZ Herald editorial.

News: Changes to ETS threaten public health – NZ doctors

RadioNZ News, 3-4 November 2012. Dr Rhys Jones, including audio, on weakening to NZ's Emissions Trading Scheme.

Feature: In the heat of battle

The New Zealand Herald, 15 September 2012. On the fallout from the failed legal challenge by climate change sceptics, including comments by George Laking.

Letter: Welcome point of view

The Southland Times, 1 September 2012. On the WWF/BERL report "A View to the South: Potential Low Carbon Growth Opportunities for the Southern Region Economy" (wwf.org.nz/?9321/A-View-to-the-South)

Letter: Morally culpable

The Press, 14 July 2012. On the human price of Mt William's coal.

News: Climate change evidence hamstrung

The News, Wesport, 29 May 2012. Includes The Council at the Mt William coal mining resource consent hearing.

Russell Tregonning speech at the Coal Action Network Aotearoa ‘freeze coal exploration' event

Midland Park, Wellington, 8 May 2012

News: Fight over climate change in coalmining continues

The Press online, 29 May 2012. Includes the Council at the resource consent hearing into Solid Energy's bid to extend its Stockton coal mine into Mt William.

Mining adds to coal's record of health risks

The Dominion Post, 26 January 2012. Opinion-editorial by surgeon Mr Russell Tregonning on the climate and health hazards of new West Coast coal.

Letter: Claiming NZ emissions are low is misleading

The Dominion Post, 24 January 2012. Response to claims about NZ's carbon impact and funding of services including pharmaceuticals

Opponents point out hazards of lignite plant

Otago Daily Times, 18 January 2012. Opinion-editorial by surgeon Mr Russell Tregonning on the largescale hazards to climate and health from Southland lignite.

Epsom and climate change

The NZ Herald website, 17 November 2011. Opinion-editorial by George Laking on the ACT Party's denial of climate change science. Title submitted by Dr Laking was ‘Epsom, does your decile 10 education include credits in Science?'

Coverage in Toby Manhire's 2011 general election live blog on the NZ Listener website

(18 November, 1.00pm entry) highlighting non-response to international questions about NZ's commitment to tackling climate change, then challenging Epsom's academic and science leaders to speak out.

Letter: Climate change claims rehashed and wrong

The Dominion Post, 2 November 2011

Government not tackling climate change management

Scoop, 1 September 2011
The Public Health Association Conference in Christchurch, with Dr Rhys Jones' keynote address on the need for urgent action on climate change and health.

For our health we must end fossil fuel dependency

The Dominion Post, 17 June 2011

Opinion-editorial by Dr George Laking on letters in The Dominion Post about the role of doctors in climate action (when speaking out on transport), political motivations, and whether writing in taxpayer-funded worktime
The title submitted was 'I'm a Doctor, this is my work time, and I'm warning you about Climate Change', where OraTaiao is politically non-partisan and does not write on behalf of any political party.

Letter: The good doctors are back...

The Dominion Post, 11 May 2011. Dr Scott Metcalfe, Professor Carl Burgess, Mr Russell Tregonning, Drs Andrew Holmes, Harriette Carr, John Monro, Rebecca Randerson, Rhys Jones; title submitted as ‘Doctors' responsibilities', responding to 'Qualifications don't impress me' regarding a doctor writing about climate change.

Climate change picked to hit health

Scoop, 3 September 2010
The Royal NZ College of GPs conference in Christchurch, with Drs Rochelle Phipps and Rebecca Randerson on the major implications of climate change for general practice.

News: 2009 the 5th hottest year globally in 130 years

TV3 News, 6pm 29 December 2009. Includes Dr Scott Metcalfe and Professor Robert Beaglehole footage on how climate change is the greatest health threat of the 21st century, with those in the least developed countries hardest hit.

Swift treatment needed to cure the ills of a warming planet

The Dominion Post, 10 December 2009
Op-editorial by Drs Jamie Hosking and Graeme Lindsay on how the longer we delay climate change action, the more serious the outcome.

ETS changes too risky for economy

The Press, 30 November 2009. On The Council's editorial in the NZ Medical Journal on the emissions trading scheme.

Parliament – OraTaiao and the Emissions Trading Scheme bill

Hansard, 24 November 2009. On The Council's concerns about the Emission Trading Scheme's effects on Maori, as aired in Parliament, quoting Dr Rhys Jones.

TV One - Māori will suffer from emissions trading scheme

Marae, TV One, 10am 22 November 2009. Debate between Dr Rhys Jones (OraTaiao) and National Party list MP Hekia Parata on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Parliament – OraTaiao and climate change

Hansard, 19 November 2009. On the Council's concerns that runaway climate change is the most serious health issue this century, as aired in Parliament.

'Prescription for climate action' rally at Parliament 2009

Planting seeds for a healthy future

NZ Doctor, 4 November 2009
The Council's Drs Alex Macmillan, Rebecca Randerson and Rochelle Phipps on how doctors in New Zealand are banding together to speak about climate change

Doctors attack climate change stance

The NZ Herald, 9 October 2009
Wide authorship of and support for The Council's inaugural Special Article in the NZ Medical Journal.

Co-convenor Dr Scott Metcalfe at Parliament with OraTaiao's prescription for climate health and the ETS, 2009