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Key Resources

Documents to support the establishment of a Sustainability Officer position in a DHB or health organisation

Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting Template and Guidelines for Health Organisations (as an alternative to CEMARS). This is what Nelson-Marlborough DHB uses, and they are happy to assist others in using it if they need help.

Other useful resources

Please add resources or email Hayley Bennett or Graeme Lindsay to add them to this page.

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges UK. Protecting resources, promoting value: a doctor's guide to cutting waste in clinical care. Nov 2014.
Sustainability Guide from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges UK. Facing the future: Sustainability for the Medical Royal Colleges. Oct 2014

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Members - bio's and contact details

Hayley Bennett
I'm a Public Health Medicine Specialist in Rotorua, and executive group member and coordinator for OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council. I am working with the Lakes DHB Sustainability Group to put together a business case for a Sustainability Officer. I attended the ‘Sustainability Leadership in the Health and Care Sector' course in Cambridge (UK) in May 2014 (run by the NHS SDU) and have recently run a short course to share this knowledge in the NZ health sector context.

Ed Kiddle
I work as an MOH in Nelson Marlborough. Been interested in sustainability issues / climate change for some time and previously linked up with the NHS SDU plus spent some time on sabbatical on these issues. Involved in the current SI Public Health Partnership sustainability work (early days). I am part of our local DHB Green Group which has struggled in the last year or so as everyone is pressured in their regular work plus the organisational culture and drive to deal to deficits have not supported the necessary change in thinking. Great to see networks such as this cranking up momentum.

Iain Ward
I am a radiation onoclogist at Christcurch Hospital and I have become increasingly aware in recent years of the environmental impact of healthcare and of our responsibility as health practitioners to educate others about the health implications of climate change and to work to prevent these. I have been a member of OraTaiao since 2010. Although a novice in climate change matters, I have tried to influence groups I work with. I helped to set up Sustainable Health for Canterbury (SH4C) with Rachel Eyre and others after we presented at
Christchurch Hospital Grand Rounds in late 2012. I currently co-chair this group. In 2013 I set up a CDHB Oncology sustainability group, which extended recycling of waste in the department. In 2012 and 2013 I was a member of the Climate Change Working Group of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, which produced a position statement Climate Change and Health and resulted in the College taking action to reduce its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon offset credits for all its air travel.

Iain Ward | Radiation Oncologist
Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service
Christchurch Hospital | Private Bag 4710 | Christchurch | New Zealand
T: +64 3 364 0372

Anna Stevenson
I have recently taken on the lead for the South Island Alliance of Public Health Units environmental sustainability stream. I will shortly be taking the lead of the newly created Health Promoting Health Systems work stream in the Canterbury Clinical network which will have a large sustainability component. I have recently gained funding for the establishment of a sustainability officer position and CEMARs project at the CDHB. I will be leading the steering group for that role. I've got lots to learn about environmental sustainability and how to make it a reality in our health system and hope to learn from this group. Anna is also a public health physican with the Health in all Policies team at CDHB.

Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson is the Sustainability Officer at Counties Manukau District Health Board. Counties started their journey into more sustainable practice only relatively recently. They are currently working on- procurement and supply chain, waste minimisation, measurement, leadership, energy, food and beverages, and touching on chemicals this year too. Debbie is part way through a Doctorate, area of interest being waste minimization interventions ad organizational culture change in relation to sustainable healthcare practice.

Debbie Wilson Sustainability Officer
Business & Corporate Services
T: +64 9 276 0044 I Ext: 8917 I M: 021 830 235
Building 26 I Middlemore Hospital, 100 Hospital Road, Otahuhu
Private Bag 93311 Otahuhu, Auckland 1640

Graeme Lindsay
I am a public health physician, honorary senior lecturer at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland, but mostly stay at home Dad at present. Previous research has focused on climate change, transport, cycling and health. Currently an executive board member for OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council. I have interests in health sector sustainability and I'm a board member for the Counties Manukau DHB Sustainability Project.

Graeme Lindsay
Public Health Physician
Honorary Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Population Health, University of Auckland
021 054 3319
Profile at

Dave Galler
David Galler is the son of Polish Jewish immigrants who ate pork and made yoghurt from sour milk. Following his under graduate degree, David worked as a bus driver in Wellington. During his time driving the big reds, he helped women with prams board his bus and made endless polite conversation with the good citizens of Wellington. He also became well known for not charging customers who boarded the bus with freshly ground coffee; "Better than any deodorant with a full load of passengers going up the Brooklyn Hill on a wet winter's day," he used to say. He was finally let go for refusing to wear socks and subsequently became a doctor. David Galler is an Intensive Care Specialist employed by the Counties Manukau District Health Board and works at Middlemore Hospital where he has been in specialist practice for 22 years. During that time he has held a variety of leadership roles within the DHB and in the broader sector. David was a member of the Executive of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists for 7 years between 1996 and 2003 and served as Vice President and President. He was the Clinical Director of Acute Care Services at Middlemore Hospital from 1998-2003. For 7 years from 2003 to 2010 David was seconded half time to the Ministry of Health as the Principal Medical Advisor to the Minister of Health and Director General of Health. In that role he advised four Ministers and took a lead role in establishing both the Quality Improvement Committee and Health Quality and Safety Commission. He is now on the Board of the Commission and now works half time as the Clinical Director of Ko Awatea, the Centre for Health System Innovation and Improvement based at Counties Manukau DHB. He is part of a small group at Counties advocating for the DHB to fully embrace the agenda of practicing sustainable healthcare.

Emma Bowyer-Warner
My role as Sustainability Manager at ADHB is a new role, that was recently made permanent (January), although I have been in the position as a contractor since June last year. Prior to this I was the same role at WDHB, where we were lucky enough to have some good sustainability outcomes . I am passionate about sustainability and have worked in the environmental field for over 10 years. My priorities for this year are focusing on developing a culture where environmental sustainability is fully integrated and not an add on, as well as waste and touching on energy reduction. I am very excited about being a part of this group and really looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from it, as well as supporting other organisations on their sustainability journey!

Emma Bowyer-Warner BA (Hons), MSc, PGDip
Environmental Sustainability Manager
Commercial Services
021 963 774
Auckland District Health Board| Basement| Building 7| Auckland Hospital

Rachel Eyre
I'm a public health physician keen to see environmental sustainability integrated into the way we think and ‘do' health and health care. In my paid work I'm a part-time Facilitator for the South Island Alliance. I work with the 3 SI Public Health Units to more efficiently and effectively deliver public health services through collaboration. One of our top priorities is promoting environmental sustainability, and working with others in the DHBs to bring about the necessary change. In a voluntary capacity I'm a member of the OraTaiao: NZ Climate and Health Council National Executive.

Rachel Eyre
South Island Alliance Programme Office
022 381 6631

Rebecca Randerson
I am a GP in suburban Wellington. I am struck by how much work there is to be done on protecting our climate and environment. I am a member of the executive of OraTaiao: New Zeland Climate + Health Council. Where able, I encourage awareness and action sustainability issues within Primary Care. I also have been convening our local hospital's (CCDHB) Staff Sustainability group.

Ruth Spearing
I come from a family that was green before the term was invented. Dad wont fly out to NZ for the last 20 yrs of his life because of the carbon footprint. They started the first (UK) Lake District Conservation Society and led the campaign against the Sellafield nuclear reactor on the basis of potential DNA damage to future generations, though I have probably been less directly involved over the years in conservation things than other family members. I am the present Chair of the Canterbury Hospitals Medical Staff Association and environmental sustainability is one of the items that gets discussed at every one of my monthly meetings that I have with our CEO so he knows how important this issue is to the SMO community. We are looking at writing an Opinion Piece for the Press ( with the help of a previous local council communication person who is passionate/ very knowledgeable about this area). I convene the Grand Rounds which enables me to ensure that we can keep presentations on environmental sustainability to the fore in the hospital. I am the present Deputy Chair of our DHB Clinical Board and have the privilege of being on the NZMA Board with Sudhvir. My day job is as a haematologist at the CDHB and the present clinical lead for the adolescent and young adult cancer services.

Oz Mansoor
Oz Mansoor is working part-time (6/10) as Public Health Physician for Regional Public Health. He started this post in January 1015, after working internationally for the past 15 years. First for WHO in the Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila, then for UNICEF headquarters in New York. In both organizations, he worked in immunization as the new vaccines officer. He had previously worked in immunization for the NZ Ministry of Health and the Public Health Commission. Before entering public health, he was a general practitioner, and continued to work in general practice for one day a week until he worked internationally.