OraTaiao: New Zealand Climate and Health Council has Partner Associations with fellow health professional organisations in New Zealand also concerned about the impacts of climate change on human health:

Medical Students for Global Awareness (MSGA) affilates to the NZ Medical Students' Association and is a Partner Assocation with OraTaiao.
MSGA aims to empower medical students as future doctors to become more involved with local and global humanitarian issues. MSGA is New Zealand's largest social advocacy organisation for medical students and is proud to work in partnership with a number of non-governmental organisations.
MSGA strongly believes that a doctor's role not only includes patient duties but is one of advocacy and instituting social change.
Its parent organisation is the Nobel peace prize laureate IPPNW – who MSGA notes has for years used the strong and non-political voice of doctors to lobby against war and environmental degradation.

In addition, OraTaiao is part of an expanding global network of health professionals concerned about the impact of climate change on health.
Below are links to other groups in other parts of the world:

Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) aims to utilise the skills of members of the medical profession to address the ill health resulting from damage to the natural environment at local, national and global levels.
DEA's concerns range from the health aspects of climate change to the environmental aspects of children's health and to the local cardio-respiratory effects of transport pollution.
Doctors for the Environment Australia

The Climate and Health Council is a network of health professionals informing and advocating on the health benefits of more sustainable lifestyles and the urgency of addressing climate change.
The Council takes take the firm stance that health professionals can, should and must take meaningful action on climate change. By becoming a member, people can learn more, share ideas with colleagues and join the health voice calling for action to protect health from climate change.
"Protecting public health is our duty in society. It's what we do best."
Climate and Health Council

The World Health Organization (WHO) has an active and long-standing programme on protecting health from climate change, guided by a World Health Assembly resolution. Through its country, regional and headquarters offices, WHO provides evidence and supports capacity building and implementation projects to strengthen the health system response to climate change, and to ensure that health is appropriately considered in decisions made by other sectors, such as energy and transport. The Organization also provides the health-sector voice within the overall UN response to this global challenge.
WHO climate change