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Health professional groups recognise human-caused climate change as an increasingly serious and urgent threat to health and health equity in New Zealand and worldwide. In contrast, rapid and effective action on climate change represents an important opportunity to improve health, by avoiding negative health impacts and by realising significant health and equity co-benefits from well-designed climate policies.

This 'Call for Action' has been issued by 16 of New Zealand's most prestigious health organisations, which represent tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, midwives, public health workers, and medical students as well as leading Universities:

  • OraTaiao: The NZ Climate and Health Council
  • The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA)
  • NZ Nurses Organisation
  • Health Promotion Forum of NZ
  • Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
  • NZ College of Public Health Medicine
  • NZ College of Midwives
  • Public Health Association of NZ
  • Colleges of Nurses Aotearoa NZ
  • New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists
  • The University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
  • The University of Otago Division of Health Sciences
  • Auckland University Medical Students Association
  • Medical Students for Global Awareness
  • NZ Medical Students Association